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SEMS Says: Sustaining Organizational Transformation through a People, Process and Leadership Focus

Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, Ph.D. IBM Corporation Lean and Lean Six Sigma business transformation initiatives have become a business imperative for many organizations in just about every industry sector. While many organizations are attempting to implement these methodologies; the vast majority of them fail to meet their… Read More

Six Sigma is Hard in IT Because It Always Changes

Six sigma is challenging in Information Technology because the environment is always changing. Patch management is necessary for operating systems and servers. Software versions are upgraded regularly, whether every few months or every few years. Websites and databases change periodically. How does this affect six… Read More

Simplicity in the workplace

Simplicity has become a new buzz word in the social arena. Lean implies cutting the fat and eliminating waste. Simplicity reflects designing processes from the ground up to be as simple as possible. Fortunately, there are already a number of workplace practices, software tools and… Read More