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Outdated processes

By Marc Resnick The pool at my townhouse development opened up this weekend.  I went soon after it opened Monday morning.  My plan was just to lie on a pool lounge chair for an hour or two with my headphones on and de-stress from a… Read More

Ethics of new technology

By Marc Resnick I am constantly amazed at the new developments constantly being added to high end technology.  High end smart phones, tablets, cars are becoming so powerful that they enable their owners to get benefits not available to others. Soon we will have personal… Read More

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Global Ethics

By Marc Resnick I just attended a fantastic seminar on Business Ethics.  It was given by one of the pre-eminent experts in business and professional ethics – Patricia Werhane. I don’t want to summarize her entire week-long visit at Bentley, you can buy her books… Read More