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User Experience Best Practices

There are a number of factors that affect a user’s experience. The primary factors include the software interface’s ease of use, how quickly users can learn to use it, performance and aesthetics. User experience, UX for short, is an essential consideration for websites, software developers… Read More

When Lean IT and People Collide

Lean can be described as doing as much if not more with less. Lean IT is the process of streamlining processes, production equipment and people to eliminate waste and maximize utilization. Lean IT promises to reduce waste, save money and curtail utility costs. However, Lean… Read More

Risks Associated with Lean IT

Lean IT has the potential to speed up project implementations, standardize business practices, reduce energy usage and, most importantly to most businesses, save money. Given the possible benefits, what could go wrong? Industrial engineers should stop and perform a risk assessment before buying the hype… Read More