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Work Simplification Versus Lean

If you are streamlining a user interface or IT process, is it work simplification or lean IT? Trying to answer this question, I found overlaps and differences between the two.   Where Lean and Work Simplification Overlap   To some, lean only means simplification of… Read More

The Human Firewall

I once received a low grade in a customer’s survey, though I was later vindicated when I demonstrated that the incident was simply the result of a properly functioning human firewall. What Happened The user stated she’d forgotten her user name and her password seemed… Read More

The Next Generation of IT Risk

The next generation of hardware and software is a constant source of speculation. However, this article will focus on the next generation of IT risk. While malicious software has evolved, such as the adaptive Stuxnet virus, there are new threats emerging in IT. Key generation… Read More

Sarbanes Oxley and IT

Sarbanes Oxley control activities to prevent fraud include authorization, custody, record keeping and reconciliation. The segregation of duties in Sarbanes Oxley can be put to work in IT as well. While division of labor can seem inefficient, apply Sarbanes Oxley concepts to IT can improve… Read More