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Unrealistic Optimism

By March Resnick There was a fascinating paper in a recent issue of Nature Neuroscience that investigates why unrealistic optimism is so pervasive.  We all think our teams can win, we are above average drivers, this lottery ticket will be the one.  The same is… Read More

Some good things about multi-tasking

By Marc Resnick I have often blogged about multi-tasking.  Usually, what I talk about are the negatives.  People can’t really multi-task.  What you are doing is linearly switching back and forth among different activities and just paying attention to one task at a time. This… Read More

How do employees do math?

By Marc Resnick Infants don’t really know how to count. They know the difference between 1 and 2.  But, after about 3 everything is just “a lot”.  If you show them 9 ducks or 10 ducks, they can’t tell the difference.  The only way they… Read More