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IE Lessons from Dilbert, Part 1

  I remember a story from and by Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, about the language shift of the 1990s. Many of the buzz words for management trends shifted to clearer and more pragmatic terms, as one manager said, they were uncertain who was feeding… Read More

Not Quite As Funny

I was reading an older office humor book and found several threads in all the jokes, which made them collectively less funny. Complaints about constant, needless change Complaints about not being given correct information as a matter of practice Abusive, bullying management practices Complaints about… Read More

IE in IT Horror Stories

In the spirit of Halloween, here are a number of IT horror stories for your enjoyment. Note: all of these IT horror stories are from my personal experience or observations working with a variety of organizations and clients. “We will pay you $XXX to come… Read More