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Wait for it: The role of patient mentorship in sustaining organizational change

By Chinweike I. Eseonu, Oregon State University. Change, they say, is the sole constant in life…and business. But, what happens when people get tired of constant change?  When we yearn for the comforts of stability? What happens when we’ve been scarred by change-gone-bad? Change-induced losses, subsequent… Read More

Why Is It So Hard to Get an Account?

The consequences of an unauthorized person gaining access and seeing unauthorized data is greater than going slow verifying someone’s identity. Therefore, the bias is in favor of caution and time. When an IT system is integrated with tools like Simplified Sign-on, access to one system… Read More

Listen to the Right Voices

Salesman of all stripes will understate the risk of a project, especially transitioning to their product. Balance the salesperson’s pitch with criticism from other sources, and be sure to search out real critics before you buy the hype or the product. Silence can be golden.… Read More