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‘Engineering’ Patient Safety

By Lukasz Mazur: Most continuous quality improvement (CQI) programs in healthcare industry are nowadays structured to transform leaders into effective change agents, design efficient, effective, and ‘waste-free’ workplaces, and develop people into creative problem solvers. However, despite many ‘positive’ reports about CQI programs in the… Read More

Applied Systems Thinking

Welcome to the SEMS Systems Thinking Blog.  The goal of this blog is to promote the use of systems thinking concepts and methodologies in engineering management research and practice.  We will cover systems thinking theory and applied methodologies. When talking about systems thinking it is… Read More

The Value of Human Life

By Ra’Ed Jaradat Placing a price tag on something that most people would deem priceless could prove to be a difficult task. However, determining a monetary value for life is sometimes necessary. Fahrenthold (2008) discusses an example used by the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission… Read More