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Wait for it: The role of patient mentorship in sustaining organizational change

By Chinweike I. Eseonu, Oregon State University. Change, they say, is the sole constant in life…and business. But, what happens when people get tired of constant change?  When we yearn for the comforts of stability? What happens when we’ve been scarred by change-gone-bad? Change-induced losses, subsequent… Read More

Enterprise Analysis of Two Competing Corporations Part I – through P&L Statements

By Dhirendra Kumar Ph.D. There are three major financial statements: P&L Statement, Balance Sheet and the Statement of Cash Flow.  P&L Statement measures a company’s financial performance over a specific accounting period that indicates how revenue is transformed into net income.  Financial performance is assessed… Read More


By Shengyong Wang, University of Akron. Simulation is unique in its ability to solve a wide variety of problems.  This dexterity is derived from the equally diverse simulation methods which are available.  In its essence, simulation is a numerical method, a technique involving repeated computer… Read More