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Implementation climate: What is it?

By Lukasz Mazur, University of North Carolina. Climate, as an abstract construct, seems to  measure organizational members’ shared perceptions of policies, practices, and procedures that orient behavior toward a specific organizational goal(s). For example, Schneider and Gunnarson (1991) stated that (a) “climate refers to the… Read More

“But, seriously, why are they so stubborn?” An old answer to a recurring question

By Chinweike I. Eseonu, Oregon State University – Variants of this question are often posed during discussions on strategies for improving use of  Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, leaner process interventions, and other excellent improvements. As I drove away from the latest meeting in which this… Read More

Wait for it: The role of patient mentorship in sustaining organizational change

By Chinweike I. Eseonu, Oregon State University. Change, they say, is the sole constant in life…and business. But, what happens when people get tired of constant change?  When we yearn for the comforts of stability? What happens when we’ve been scarred by change-gone-bad? Change-induced losses, subsequent… Read More