Signs of Good Design in UX

What are the signs you have a good design in terms of user experience or UX?


  • Your suggestions are requests to add new features that aren’t part of your primary purpose. In short, you do what you need to do and all the suggestions are nice adds but not essential.
  • Your complaints are regarding factors unrelated to user experience on the interface like speed, price or interoperability. You may still need to adopt streamlined code or reducing the number of images and integrating caching, but it isn’t essential to deliver to most clients.
  • The suggestions you receive affect a small percentage of the user base, such as complaining about an app’s function on Blackberries or Microsoft phones. The ideal UX is nearly universal across all devices.
  • The complaints are literally cosmetic like issues with the color palette – unless the problem is the 10-15% of the male population that is color blind not being able to figure out key functions.
  • Your user interface relies on patterns of behavior your users already know, even as you change the functions and code behind the interface.
  • Your user interface doesn’t require constant attention by the user or perfect knowledge of the current state of the status of the app in order to have it work right. In short, your app doesn’t expect people to abandon their human failings to work correctly.
  • People who aren’t fluent in your language can use your app, and they never have to learn special lingo or niche technical terms to use your software user interface.
  • You don’t put up hindrances or barriers to someone’s use of a function unless they’d want to stop and think about it, like deleting their saved files or cached passwords.
  • The user interface will be as easy to use and interpret in ten years as it is today. Whether new or five years old, it can be seen as classic and eternal.