Industrial Engineer Optimizes Outpatient Healthcare Equipment Sales

ATTN: Business and company leaders whom aspire to excel,

I was recently elected by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IISE) body of membership to be President of the Board of Trustees. During this year as President, I would like to celebrate the successes of Industrial and Systems Engineers and share the value the discipline brings to many organizations.

Meet Kelsey Eubanks, (BS Industrial Engineering), Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University

Industrial Engineer Optimizes Outpatient Healthcare Equipment Sales

“My name is Kelsey Eubanks and I have been a member of the Institute for Industrial and Systems Engineers for 5 years. I graduated from the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering at Texas Tech University with my Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering August, 2014, and my Masters in Systems and Engineering Management May, 2016. Upon graduation in 2014, I was employed with a software applications company and coded for oil and gas companies. Coding allowed me to be mathematically creative and use problem solving skills to create conversions. Though I did enjoy the problem solving aspect of coding, I knew that I wanted something more in my career. This job, however, allowed me to complete my masters while working full time. Nearing the end of my master’s program, I began to think about other career opportunities that would open new doors of opportunity for me and incorporate my love of working with people. I decided to pursue a career that I knew would put me in front of people. Sales. Sales is a department that some engineers are terrified of, but as an Industrial Engineer, I find we thrive in front of people.

Currently I am an Account Management Executive for Cassling. Cassling is an advanced partner of Siemens Healthcare. I am responsible for selling large equipment (MRI/CT/Ultrasound/X-ray) to the outpatient emergency centers in Houston, TX. I meet with radiology managers, CEOs and Doctors. I find out what their needs and pain points are and create a feasible solution. Lots of steps are needed in the process i.e. getting quotes, funding, booking, scheduling, training etc. Organization skills are key.

Lately the market has increasingly slowed down. With one of the most controversial presidential elections coming up the owners of these companies are worried that patient reimbursement rates will decrease so much that they will not be able to afford new equipment or open anymore new facilities. Instead of pushing and trying to sell them new equipment right away I have used process improvement skills to improve their number of patients they can scan in a day. I will sit in the waiting rooms of my accounts and create studies of how many patients they were seeing in a day and how long they were taking to complete a scan. I took this information and compared it to if they were to use our new equipment and latest technology on decreasing radiation and scan times, how it would eliminate wasted time and make them more money because they would see more patients in a day.

Kelsey EubanksAt the beginning, this idea of me putting these studies together for my customers was just a hopeful thought that they would take my recommendations and apply them. Now I can proudly say that one of my first customers has seen such an increase in patients and they are thinking of increasing their hours of operation. They are seeing 5-10 patients more a day and I have created a successful business partnership. Sales is all about the relationships you can make. If you can help them with something they did not even realize was a problem, they will trust you as a business partner.

Industrial Engineering has given me the tools to come up with creative sales strategies. Providing my customers with ways to improve efficiencies, work faster and easier all while creating a comfortable customer environment has allowed me to gain the trust of my customers. The ability to use my degree to help people is very rewarding. The skills and knowledge base that Industrial Engineers have is beneficial to so many industries and allows us to be diverse workers and employees.”

Industrial and System Engineers provide incredible value to any organization in any industry and I am really excited to share these stories and inspire you and your company to hire ISE’s.
Merry Christmas to you all!

Best Regards,
Michael Foss
President, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering

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    What a great way to add value to an organization by increasing efficiency. I’m sure this improvement has given them some peace of mind as we round out this year!

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