Meet Carl & Jake Kirpes

Industrial engineering success stories
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Meet Carl & Jake Kirpes. Carl is a VP Operations GENESYS, B.S. Industrial & Mechanical Engineering & M.S. Systems Engineering from Iowa State University. Jake is a Business Strategist & Engineer at TPG Companies, B.S.E. and B.A. Industrial Engineering and Finance, University of Iowa.

How Industrial Engineering Saved a Company!

“Industrial and systems engineering has the ability to transform companies, industries, and society as a whole. In 2012, Carl Kirpes arrived at GENESYS to find a company fighting its way back out of the recession, but doing so without the tools that could dramatically increase the rate of success. GENESYS, an engineer-procure-construct firm that designs, builds, and installs manufacturing and assembly equipment/lines/facilities for blue chip manufacturers, had survived the downturn in the economy and was looking for innovative approaches to improve the business’s future. The application of industrial and systems engineering was the answer.

Although industrial and systems engineering has a long history in multiple industries, other industries such as healthcare and construction offer emerging opportunities for industrial and systems engineers. In such industries, application of basic industrial and systems engineering principles are multiplicative (rather than additive) in their enhancement of the business. At GENESYS, Carl applied basic industrial and systems engineering principles such as process flow mapping, establishing a work measurement system, and developing forecasting resource allocation methods to drive the book value of the company up by 400%, shift 80% of the projects to positive cash flow, and achieve over one million man hours without a lost-time incident.

You can read the full article about this transformation titled “How industrial engineering saved a company.”

Carl has been a member of the Institute for Industrial and Systems Engineers for five years. He has learned a great deal at the annual conferences and been able to apply the lessons learned to achieve increased results in his business and community ventures. In addition, he has met a number of other great individuals working across various industries with multiple job titles, all applying the concepts of industrial and systems engineering to do the same within their circles of influence. As a member of the Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering and the Chair of the Industry Advisory Board, Carl would be happy to talk with any individual interested in becoming more involved in how we can utilize industrial and systems engineering to transform industry as whole through the collaboration of each of our circles of influence. Carl can be reached at or through a message on LinkedIn at”

Industrial and System Engineers provide incredible value to any organization in any industry and I am really excited to share these stories and inspire you and your company to hire ISEs.

Blessings to you all!

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Michael Foss
President, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering