ESTIEM Vision Istanbul Yildiz & Ankara METU – “Food City Logistics”

Hello industrial engineering enthusiasts,

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “food”? Do you become instantly hungry and reach for your favourite candy? Or you think about what you would make for dinner tonight…? Well, what an industrial engineer should think about is how to produce it, deliver and sell it. That makes the whole chain of activities called the supply chain and that is exactly what the group of students of Industrial Engineering and Management was thinking about during the one week in the beginning of March in amazing Turkey.

Two ESTIEM Local Groups gathered their forces in order to organise the best event possible – “Vision&businessbooster City Food Logistics”. Without high motivation of both Ankara-METU and Istanbul-Yildiz, as well as active members of Vision and businessbooster Projects, nothing would be really possible.

On the first day in Ankara-METU as one of 25 participant, I was totally surprised how huge and exciting METU is. The campus itself looked like a small city in Ankara and I was amazed by everything – a public transport within campus and students hitchhiking from one place to another to get to the lectures on time, a downtown called Çarşı and stadium called Devrim (which means Revolution) and the fact that there is a pool in the middle of the campus as well as many other facilities and activities organised by students or for students.

Lecturers provided by professors and company representatives were well prepared and focused on the mentioned topic. On the first two days we had opportunity to get to know more about warehousing, material flow and warehouse layouts, to face the real logistics problems and to discuss about heuristics and optimal routing. Mile, a colleague of mine who was also participating in the event, and I had just passed the exam in Computer Integrated Manufacturing and all the story behind warehousing sounded so familiar to us (yes, we know what carousel is!).

The most interesting part was the visit to the Efes brewery, its production line and control centers of the factory. All of that represented city of Ankara as a city of industry, growth and hard working people.

On the third night and right after hammam, crazy Turkish bath and the all-night-long ride, we finally reached stunning and crowdy Istanbul. Yildiz was expecting us and selfie responsible was doing her job very carefully!

What Yildiz provide us, entrepreneur enthusiasts would kill for. All the lecturers and experienced trainers had shown us that being an entrepreneur is the best job one can have. They tried (and succeed?) to convince us how great it is by teaching us how to finance a startup, how to turn a startup into a business, how to be a great leader and shown us the real examples. All the stories based on their own experiences were great motivation and a push to start thinking – “why not?”.

Also, we had a chance to visit Sodexo that provided us with a lecture how to organise daily deliver of catering, where future o logistic will lead the existing companies and told us many more interesting examples of daily business.

After this event I came home happy – experience that I got was unforgettable. In METU we got inspired and in Yildiz we got tips how to proceed to the success. One fact I cannot forget is that Turkish people know how to enjoy life. Starting from food – delights, kunefe, çiğ köfte, çay and kahvesi, to the hammam and water pipe till that unique sound of music and hospitable friends in both Ankara and Istanbul, left me truly amazed.

Just so you know, guys, I’ll be back!

Jovana Arsenijevic – LG Belgrade