ESTIEM Vision Hamburg – “Maritime Food Logistics”

Moin Moin, dear readers!

We’ll let you know a little bit more about our awesome experience in Vision Maritime Food Logistics in Hamburg. After arriving by the Portuguese time (a little late in the evening), we had the chance to meet everyone while playing ‘get to know each other’ games.

Throughout the week, we had an ESTIEM presentation, where all the committees, initiatives and projects were introduce to us. We also had the first contact with harbors, their logistics and as an example, we learnt about how bananas enter Europe!

There, we visited China Shipping Company, one of the world’s largest integrated international container transportation and logistics, the Hamburg Harbor, the Maritime Museum, where we pretend to be Jack Sparrow, Captain Jack Sparrow, when we controlled and CRASHED our vessel (don’t worry, it was just a simulation). Additionally, we visited Still, which provides customized solutions for intralogistics. There we visited the ground floor, observed closely their systems and production line and, at the end, we solved a case study about the Hamburg Harbour.

Ups, we forgot about the all the Parties and Leisure!! During that week, we fell in love with both days and nights of Hamburg. We visited the city, its monuments, a Brewery, the Red Light District- Reeperbahn, the Uni where we had some amazing parties and the Fish Market while it was raining cats and dogs!

It was a very amusing week, with some great people and awesome work of the organisers! If you have the chance, go to a Vision, you’ll have an unforgettable event!

In High Estiem,
Maria Afonso & Filipe Rocha, LG Porto