ESTIEM Vision Xanthi “Food Production”

Dear Readers,

The topic of the Vision project in 2014/2015 was “Food from soil to shelf”. One of those Vision events was organized by LG Xanthi at the end of March 2015. Being related to the subtopic “Food production” the event gathered 18 participants from 6 different local groups to improve their knowledge in this topic.

The arrival day of the event included a dinner, where we played some get-to-know games, followed by a nice welcome party in a club.

The next day started with a welcoming session with presentations about Vision in general and the University of Thessaloniki. Subsequently we had an interesting lecture about agricultural techniques and food traceability systems. After a small coffee break we were introduced in harvesting stage detection systems and how the quality of soil is identified. When we finished the lunch we continued with the LPI Greek language session, followed by a funny acting game, using the Greek language. Then a pig production as well as a wine company provided us presentations with their production procedures and current status in Greece. To give the day a calm ending we had a short walk in the old town, followed by bowling.

On the following day we started with a lecture about microbiology. Afterwards we had one hour to go through the bazar of Xanthi which takes place every Saturday. After having typical Greek Moussaka for lunch we continued with a lecture about functional foods which affect for example your mood or concentration. Then we had a nice walk along the path of life which ended with an awesome waterfall. During the night we had the possibility to taste Ouzo and Tsipouro in a Greek tavern.

The next day was supposed to be a day full of activities. We went by bus to the Nestos river where the sun was waiting and an activity camp was located. Starting with climbing and flying fox, guided by the experienced owners of the camp, we had the chance to do rafting in the river. After providing us an introduction and rafting and telling us the important rules, we had three exciting and exhausting hours of rafting. Then we had some time to do archery or just to relax. Back in the center of Xanthi we had Greek Souvlaki followed by the international night. We had the chance to taste food and drinks from Italy, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Greece.

Our fourth morning in Xanthi started with a company visit at a chocolate factory which is producing typical Greek delights and handmade cakes for special occasions. It was interesting to get an overview over their products and their production. At the end we received a handmade ESTIEM cake. After lunch we had a workshop about the theory of inventive problem solving, called TRIZ. We learned an alternative way to solve problems by using solutions for already solved problems. Divided in groups, we had the chance to solve a problem on our own and to present it afterwards. Then we visited the “House of Shadow” which was related to the SERI initiative. The owner of the house crafts sculptures out of recycled materials. By putting the sculptures in the right angle in the light, awesome shadows are visible on the walls. The final of the day provided a nice gala dinner with perfect food and drinks.

At the last day we visited a milk company, which produced different kinds of milk and cheese. We had the chance to get insights in their production and their range of products. Furthermore we were allowed to taste a chocolate flavored milk. After the lunch we were divided in groups to solve a well prepared Treasure Game which also gave us the possibility to explore the city. A joint “The Voice Party” with EESTEC, where everyone could show their karaoke skills, was a nice conclusion of the event.

All in All it was an exciting, funny and informative week in the beautiful city of Xanthi. The event was perfectly organised by the Local Group and I think I can speak on behalf of all participants that that we will never forget that week.


Johannes Dittler

LG Ilmenau