ESTIEM Vision Trondheim – “From fish to fork”

Dear readers,
The day of my trip to Trondheim didn’t start so good. My flight to Amsterdam was cancelled and that meant that I would lose my connection flight to Norway. At some point, I thought that I was not going to make it to this event. Luckily I was reallocated and I was able to reach the Nordic country on the same day. Whenever I got off the plane and my luggage was with me, I checked my phone, and… BAM! Eduroam in the airport. I only took some steps in Norway and I already liked the country. Once I got to the city, I met with some of the organisers. They were super excited and eager to make this event the best of our lives. The following day the event started. It was a get to know each other day. Pretty relaxed day. We had to save energy for what came next. This event had a different approach to the ones I had attended before. It was divided in two parts: the academic part in the first half, and the social part on the second.
On the very first day, we visited SINTEF, one of the leading companies in technology solutions for the fish farming industries, apart from other areas of expertise. I was totally shocked by the relaxed working atmosphere and professionalism that those people had. The workers of SINTEF really believe in that what they do is good for the world and they enjoy doing it. This made me feel that a sustainable future for the World is feasible, and we have to work on it.
The second day was full of lectures. It was quite intense and tiring, but really eye-opening. We found out that this industry is not perfect, they are facing some important issues, but they are trying their best in order to solve it. To finalize the day, we learnt more about the country by watching one film Norwegian.
On the third day, we had the most interesting trip of the event. After all the lectures that we received and the company visit, we visited a real fish farm, in the beautiful island of Hintra. Not only was the trip in the boat fun, both to Hintra and the fish farm itself, but also it was simply awesome to be able to see what we had been talking about in the previous days with our own eyes. It was the best possible ending for the academic part of the event.
After the trip to Hintra, the social part of the event started. We went deep into the Norwegian culture with a city tour, a trip to the nature to enjoy the snow and an Apartment Rally, between other activities. After getting to know the organisers, I definitely have a different picture of the Norwegian people. These people are kind, smart, immune to the coldness and, as proper students, they know how to have fun.To summarize, I take back home a new field of knowledge to work on, which is really promising for the future of the Earth, and the fact that I was able to meet such great people and discover such a gorgeous country.
Javier Casco, LG Madrid