ESTIEM Vision Helsinki & Tampere – Agriculture & Forestry

Dear Readers,

In 2014/2015 the topic of the Vision project was „Food from Soil to Shelf“. One of these Vision Conferences’ subtopic was Agriculture and Forestry which was organized by Local Group Helsinki and Local Group Tampere as a joint event.

The event started in Helsinki with an International Night. Six countries’ cultures with foods and beverages came together. The next day, we countinued with a presentation by a sponsor’s opening speech and case studies. Information about the current situation of Finnish Agriculture and Forestry were given to us and we split up in six groups to discuss how to make locally produced food more profitable? And of course we closed the day with enjoying Helsinki Nightlife!

On the third day of the event, we had visiting and lecture time  at the University of Helsinki’s Agricultural Faculty. Further information we needed were given to continiue the case study. And we also had the final presentation of our new ideas about how to make local production more productive. After presentation and feedbacks, one group won a suprise gift from Andreas, Project Leader of Helsinki Part!

Last night in Helsinki,there was a traditional Finish Sitsit Party. All the ESTIEMer and exchange students in Helsinki sat together at a table, drinking Minttu and singing Finnish, English, German, Turkish and French songs.

The next day we went to Tampere for the second part of event. We started with an excursion to Farms and Vineyards.After the academic part, day cottage night began, an unforgatable night for almost everyone, because we had sauna party (on 70 °C) and ice swimming (on -5 °C)!

We stayed in the cottage all night and at the second day of  Tampere’s Vision part we listened to the final lectures.On the last night of Tampere, of course we had a fancy Gala Dinner at  Rosso Italian Restorant in the City Centre of Tampere.

As a closure of the week, we were lucky because there was The Finnish Cultural Kyykka Championship on the last day. All day we could practise and play Kyykka with ESTIEMers and experienced Finnish guys.

Thanks to the two organizing Local Groups for this great event.Also I can highly reccomand participating in Vision events!


Hakan Dizginci
LG Istanbul Yildiz