ESTIEM Vision & businessbooster Karlsruhe – The Future of Food

Dear Readers,

In this year, the topic of the Vision project was „Food from Soil to Shelf“.
This event was taking place at Karlsruhe from the 11th-17th of January, and the subtopic was “Future of Food” and it was “special Vision event” beacuse it was organsied by businessbooster&Vision together.
On the first evening we had an international dinner and after that we played a german drinking game called “Möppeln”.

On the next day, we had a lecture about applied biotechnology, after that there was a workshop about Design Thinking. The session was hold by a business angel company (innoWerft) and SAP. We divided into teams, and we were working our ideas with our mentors during the week, and at the end of the event we presented our solution in front of the jury.
On Thursday, we had a visit at the mensa that belongs to the university. Afterwards, a representative from the Federal Ministry of Environment held a lecture, we closed the academic part of the day with an Intercultural Awareness Training.
We had an excursion at Ritter Sport, after the visit, we went ice-skating and finished the day with a traditional german evening.

On the last day we went to visit a Bakery where we got to know the whole process from making to selling.
As a close of the week, we had a super beer workshop (tasting at least 10 types of beer), and we finished the event with the inevitable part of ESTIEM events: International night.
All in all, it was the first time I participated in a Vision event, and I highly recommend it for everyone, because I think this event has a perfect balance between the work hard and the play hard part.

Judit Jobbágy
LG Budapest