ESTIEM Vision Moscow – “Space Food”

From the 12th to 18th of November 2014 the Vision seminar “Space Food” took place in Moscow.
After the arrival of the participants at the dormitory where we all stayed during the week, we were introduced to LG Moscow and had a general presentation about ESTIEM and the Vision project. In the evening we had our International night were we exchanged local beverages and food to get to know each other and their respective cultures.

On the next day we had a lecture introducing us to Space Food at Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) followed by a tour of the museum about the history of the university. After lunch we participated in a workshop called “National Space Food” where we developed our own space food products in little groups representing different countries. We had to face the problems of producing, packaging and delivering of our products for the use in zero gravity. At the end of the workshop we presented our creative and cutting-edge ideas. Following this we had a teambuilding training and an introduction to Russian culture including a small language session. In the evening we had a special sightseeing by car to see Moscow at night.

On Friday we visited the museum of cosmonautics where we had the possibility to see how cosmonauts live in space. Afterwards we had a company visit to the Ochakovo brewery with a guided tour through the company museum about beer and the production plant. We finished the tour with a tasting of different beers and non-alcoholic drinks. In the afternoon we enjoyed a special role-playing game in which we competed against each other to reach our individual aims by influencing the other participants in our imaginary space adventure. Later on we taught each other drinking games at a local bar.

Next morning we took part in a case study competition. After being divided in four groups we worked on the task to develop a concept for a moon based restaurant. We had to think about our target audience for our restaurant as well as the distribution and packaging of the food and finally the finished menu all considering the problems of low gravity on the moon. To conclude the competition every group had to present their ideas to a jury. The next activity was the city quest where we explored the city of Moscow.

On Sunday we started with a workshop about 3D printer. The task was to design a logo for our space company which was later burned into a wooden plate and create a model of the packaging for our space food which was constructed by a 3D printer. In the afternoon we went on a tour of the kremlin and the Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Furthermore we visited a museum for retro cars.

Our last day started with another two lectures about space food packaging and space bread followed by a visit to the control centre of the BMSTU. After this we had time to prepare for the Star Wars Gala dinner in the evening. Starting with a liquid nitrogen show we had a great party at the gala.

Thanks LG Moscow for organizing this awesome week. We had the chance to learn more about Russian culture and meet amazing new people with whom we had a lot of fun.

In high ESTIEM,

Lennard Eumann & Nadja Wilhelm (LG Paderborn)

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