Vision “Food Safety” In Brussels

Dear Readers,

In the year 2014/2015 the topic of the Vision project was „Food from Soil to Shelf“. The first Vision took place from 19th to 26th of October and was organized by the LG Brussels. The subtopic was „Food Safety“.

On the first evening we had a relaxed evening in a bar, but the next day the event started with a first presentation by Unilever, where we were taught a lot about their working on Food Safety. Later that day we had a presentation  from the european parliament, here we learned a lot about the legal background of Food Safety.

On the same night we had our international night, everybody brought some drinks, food and other stuff from their countries, so we could learn about culture from Germany, Norway, Spain, Russia, Greece or Poland.

Also, we had intersting lectures by e.g. Monsanto, that were very informative.

Really cool was also the visit of Lutosa, where we had the chance to see, how french fries are produced and in the end we could also try some of them.

Afterwards we had a brewery visit at the Busch Brewery. Their lightest beer had 7%, so the tour back was a little party.

We were also visiting the city of Ghent, where we had a boat tour and the fort of Namur. Last but not least we had a company visit at the Coda Cerva laboratories, where we were told a lot of interesting informations and facts about animal diseases and how they can be prevented.

I highly advise you all to apply for Vision events!

Christian Glies

You need Vision to see!