The Vision Project ‘Food from soil to shelf’

By Márcia Monteiro

Project Leader of “VISION-Food from soil to shelf 2014-2015″

I would start by introducing myself, I’m Márcia Monteiro from the exquisite city of Porto and I’m the current project leader of Vision. You may be wondering, why Food from soil to shelf? First of all, being from a country where agriculture has a very important role in the economy, I can’t avoid to be involved, second of all, as Industrial engineers, we all have our passions, and having grown up in a family that produces Port Wine, I became an agriculture aficionado. In a nutshell, these vision series gather a big part of my personal and professional interests.

The Vision Project is a Pan-European series of seminars that has been established since 1993. It targets Industrial Engineering and Management students throughout Europe, annually electing main topics of discussion. Each series typically consists of 8-10 seminars; the series gathers around 25 participants and lasts between 5-7 days. The contents of the series consist of academic lectures, company orientations and visits, workshops as well as cultural activities.

This year, the Vision topic is Food from soil to shelf. This topic intends to focus on every aspect related to food and the role of an industrial engineer on the process. The food sector is one of the most challenging ones in terms of trading, since its products have a restricted lifetime. Is it possible to keep this continuous growing without taking care of the natural resources? Which are the new world strategies to ensure the food supply? What are the advantages or disadvantages of using biofuels? Can we reduce the impact on tomorrow’s sustainability? This and more questions will be carefully analysed during this year, trying to find the best possible solutions, discussing them with professionals from different companies, improving our engineering skills and developing new ideas between students. From the production and safety to logistics and politics, we will have an overall of the whole topic and even get to know how some specific industries work (space food and fish).

As the Vision project aims to increase its reach and the quality of its events, we have decided to implement some new ideas. This year we will have a system called AdVision. This system aims to gather students related to Vision and professors from all over the world. Using the expertise of the professors we will make the quality of our events rise.

We will soon send an Open call to professors who may be interested in shaping the Industrial Engineering and Management education one step at a time, starting with Food from soil to shelf.

ESTIEM is a wide network with several projects and committees. Unfortunately we still don’t take full advantage from each other so, this year, Vision and businessbooster joined forces and will have not one, but two joint events. Business Booster is another project from ESTIEM that aims at creating an environment where all needed information, experience and support to excel in professional endeavours can be found. The goal of this unique environment is to boost entrepreneurial spirit and engage ESTIEMers, Alumni and companies to collaborate with each other. We believe that this topic has several business opportunities that may interest our students so we decided to provide them with all the tools they need to startup their own business within the food industry.

This year 11 different seminars will be organized by 14 different local groups. On the table below you can see where our events will take place and which topics each of them will have. In Istanbul, at the Final Conference, we will have Panel Discussions about the future of this industry and experienced guests who will provide us with very interesting insights on this matter.

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Brussels 19-26 October 2014 Food Safety
Moscow 12-18 November Space Food
Grenoble & Lyon 30-07 December Food Politics “Cohabitation of large grocery stores with local production”.
Karlsruhe 11-17 January Corporate Social responsibility
Trondheim 27-02 February Fish Industry
Helsinki & Tampere 09-15 February Farming
Istanbul Yildiz & Ankara METU 02-08 March Food city logistics
Xanthi 19-25 March Food Production
Hamburg 26-01 April Maritime food logistics
Seville 05-11 May More than Energy
Istanbul ITU 28-02 June Final Conference