The Vision Project ‘Customer Relationship Management’

By Merve Alperen
Project Leader of “VISION-Customer Relationship Management 2013-2014”

The Vision Project is a Pan-European series of seminars that has been established since 1993. It targets Industrial Engineering and Management students throughout Europe, annually electing main topics of discussion. Each series typically consists of 8-10 seminars; the series gathers around 25 participants and lasts between 5-7 days. The contents of the series consist of academic lectures, company orientations and visits, workshops as well as cultural activities.

As a result of recent technological changes and developments, Customer Relationship Management has become an important concept for today’s business world. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a combination of people, processes and technology that seeks to understand a company’s customers. It is an integrated approach to managing relationships by focusing on customer retention and relationship development.

Companies that successfully implement CRM will reap the rewards in customer loyalty and long run profitability. Managing a successful CRM implementation requires an integrated and balanced approach to technology, processes and people. Since technology and marketing strategies are constantly being developed, and customer needs and desires escalate concordantly, CRM plays a key role in management, marketing and sales strategies of the companies.

After a research on the topic, it is observed that CRM concept has many characteristics that have significant influences over relationship between the companies and their customers. From the viewpoint of the business world, customers are both the main figure to focus on and an important challenge since it is difficult to maintain the loyalty of the customers. The topic “Customer Relationship Management” for this year’s Vision Project is a great opportunity to lean on these important terms and, if possible, to reach new ideas, solutions and projects. It is certain that any young European that will participate in this project will develop some basic knowledge for future of themselves and of their countries’.

The Vision Project is the fundamental element to explore a topic not approached before, and according to this main principle we will try to have a new point of view on CRM. In addition, there is an even more practical benefit of approaching the topic as we want to do: the participants to the project learn not just about the definition CRM, but they find out information on how they affect the future and development of CRM concept. It’s a lesson for them, but it’s also a lesson for the future professionals in them.

In our Vision series there are some certain subtopics for every event that we want to focus on. We want to offer you a mutual understanding about Customer Relationship Management in general, through exploring different subtopics.

This year 9 different seminars will be/have been organized by 13 different local groups.

Istanbul ITU – Istanbul Yildiz 19-24 November 2013 Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Karlsruhe 10-15 December 2013 CRM in Public and Private Institutions
Gothenburg – Lund 20-26 January 2014 CRM in Marketing
Helsinki – Tampere 10-16 February 2014 B2B B2C in CRM
Ankara 4-9 March 2014 CRM Vision for Generation Y
Novi Sad 25-30 March 2014 Customer Perception
Gdansk – Poznan 7-13 April 2014 CRMing – Polish Way!
Calabria 5-11 May 2014 Data Mining in the Social Media Marketing Age
Skopje 20-25 May Final Conference