ESTIEM Vision Helsinki-Tampere, ‘Differences of B2B and B2C CRM’


In the 21st year of Vision under the “Customer Relationship Management” topic, Vision Helsinki-Tampere was organized between 10-16th of February. ESTIEM Local Group Helsinki and Local Group Tampere took this great responsibility with the subtopic “Differences of B2B and B2C CRM.”

First night we arrived at Otaniemi where we will be hosted and had a decent “International Night”. Every participant brings their own cultural foods, drinks and other stuff and other participants get a chance to know the others better. After “International Night”, every ESTIEMer had their first “Sauna” experience. Following day Accenture lecture took place in Aalto University and basically mentioned about “CRM is dead, Constant Customer Experience Management is evolving”. It was such an inspiring presentation and such an informative one that everyone gave positive feedbacks about.

The first day’s other lecture was and it was about Salesforce’s Cloud Solutions in the area of CRM. The person who gives the lecture was a bit like advertising Salesforce but I think that it was also highly important to know better about CRM software and solutions. The second day’s first lecture was about Aalto University post-graduate opportunities and I think it was a bit irrelevant about the topic, but the following company trip at Stora Enso which is one of the biggest paper based products manufacturers in Finland. It was kind of like presentation and case study mixture and it is vital to have case studies after what you learn.

After the travelling to Tampere, we had a chance to visit METSO and had a brief lecture about the area which company basically operates at. Also, as to other ESTIEMERs’ and my experiences we had such a great leadership presentation there and also company trip was well-planned and not that long to bore people.

Last day, Tampere University of Technology’s lecturer Olavi gave a short case to us and we analysed it for a while and presented our solutions. Case was a bit short and easy, but the analysis of Olavi was really awesome. What Olavi told after the case was a bit irrelevant about the topic and I think people get bored of it. But still it was a great chance to meet such an inspiring person I think.

What we had as social experiences was awesome! Domestic game Kyykka was such an interesting experience for all ESTIEMers. Also Sit-Sit parties, Saunas, Cottage were the ones that an ESTIEMer can expect from an event. I think that the city tour could take a bit longer and be more informative but still everybody had such unique cultural experiences there.

Mert Aksoy

The Vision Helsinki-Tampere 2014 focused on CRM, namely “Differences between B2B and B2C”. The first company to talk about this subject was Accenture. The presentation was held by a woman in her 40’s, which was very surprising for me, because she mentioned she had two sons and could still work a very important and mostly time-consuming job at Accenture. She was very professional and had a lot of experience. Basically, in her point of view, the concept of CRM died and was replaced by Customer Experience Management, which focuses on a more personal relation with the customer, considering previous experiences with him and building on what is known that the customer likes and enjoys.

The second presentation was given by a Salesforce agent. Basically he talked about Salesforce’s Cloud Computing, which is an online software designed to simplify CRM, however, the software itself is not run by business clients, but by Salesforce itself, so the business client does not have to worry about updates, the software infrastructure or technical problems, since servers, routers, and physical components are all managed by Salesforce. As the Salesforce agent mentioned: “Think out of the box!”.

On the second day, Aalto University and its master programmes got introduced. In the afternoon we visited a Stora Enso facility, where in my opinion the topic “Differences between B2B and B2C” was mostly discussed. Using the example of cigarette packs, they discussed what the cigarette manufacturer values most and what is most important for the final consumer. The session ended with case studies regarding this topic. For me, this was clearly the best company visit of the event.

In Tampere we visited Metso, where a Metso representative talked a little bit about the company. He did not really address the Vision topic, however, he spoke about personal experiences and gave us a few tips for our future professional life. The company visit was ended by a small tour through the factory and lunch.

At Tampere University we had to solve a case study about failing CRM. A professor discussed the topic with us and suggested possible solutions. To be honest, he did not really talk about “Differences between B2B and B2C” and told us a few life stories of his own which were a little misplaced.

To sum up, academically I believe this event was really great. I had absolutely no idea what CRM was and learned a lot.

On a more personal level, I must say the event was very well organised. To make Sitsit-party and Kyykää a “must” was definitely the right choice. The Cottage night was the best non-academic part, in my opinion, because we could go to sauna and hot tub and relax after a full day of work. Unfortunately the Helsinki city tour was not very informative and a little short, also I would have liked to visit the city centre of Tampere.

All in one, it was an amazing event, I made a lot of new friends and met old ones. I totally recommend it! Another thing I really liked: a lot of new ESTIEMers!

Thank you very much for this great experience!

In high ESTIEM,
Sascha Müller