Overall impression of GDL Industry

My overall impression of the business visits we participated in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico would definitely be categorized as favorable, top notch, informative and very enlightening!  Our tours included Corona, Continental Automotive, Tequila Express (Herradura Hacienda), HP & IBM.  The assigned daily posts/blogs on each of these industries describes them very well and I do not think that I could improve upon them. So please allow me to provide some interesting insights and observations, from my POV.   I do not think I had any preconceived ideas about what I thought Mexican industries and businesses would be like but on the other hand I was surprised, impressed and intrigued.  I saw the brains of Volkswagen come to life before my eyes, I learned that HP and Canon have a close working relationship and HP also has adopted a LEAN Six Sigma combination format to accomplish their objectives, allowing them take the best of each. I was impressed when I learned that IBM will develop/program to meet the needs of the customer, patent their product and sell it to them, very ingenious.     In addition, I learned that Tequila is being processed using the same exact methodology used in the late 1800’s, they have just found a few ways to automate the process but the process remains the same.  To ensure quality is maintained, some steps could not be automated (eg like the “peeling of the Pineapple”) so it is not automated. Interestingly, although they distribute worldwide Corona is only produced in Mexico, to date (they are beginning to think about producing elsewhere).  Each business had a security and check set of protocols as well as safety procedures.   Some very routine, for example no cameras aloud and remaining with your tour guide and/or escort at all times.  While others required that we not only carry/show ID, we were required to leave our ID until we left the facility and obtain a visitor pass/visitor vest to be displayed on our person while on the premises.  In addition, a company had to view us in the same manner they would an employee, having the same access to the production floor or “war rooms” which would require us to be issued hair nets, lab coats, reflective/safety vest, hard hats, safety glasses and even static electricity grounding straps, etc….

Business is business regardless of where you go, let us make a dollar and then decide how to spend that dollar!  What I enjoyed was observing and learning about the little differences that made our company visits special and interesting.  For example, traveling amongst a group of young adults, it was evident that I was a “returning student”.   The culture of Mexico is very respectful and a matriarchal society, the young gentlemen that guided us through the Corona factory assisted me with my reflective vest and ensured I had a seat.  The pride in their positions and passion for the company, the product and process was evident not to say that is unique to Mexico but it was very evident through our entire visit and very nice to see.  We were offered refreshments and treated with great care, respect and concern while we were at each facility.

While at a facility, the employees assigned to us and our tour took time to get know us, our majors and Clarkson University. They also entertained all of questions and welcomed our comments or suggestions on what we toured and saw. I extremely enjoyed the time in Guadalajara as well as all the entire time in Mexico.   Charlene Marisol

"Peeling the Pineapple"  The most important employee on the Hacienda.
“Peeling the Pineapple” The most important employee on the Hacienda.
The very center of the "pineapple" has to be removed prior to the cook or the tequila will be bitter.

The web in the very center of the “pineapple” has to be removed prior to the cook or the tequila will be bitter.