IBM and a free afternoon before our return to the U.S.

On the Tuesday before we left for the good ol’ USA we ventured to IBM for 9:00 am. We had to sign in after entering the gate into the facility or campus as the employees called it. The lavish campus was very large around 260,000 square meters. It contained soccer fields, tennis courts, a gym, classrooms as well as the normal offices. It even had it’s own bank for convenience of it’s employees! We were met by a lovely woman name Violeta who started our tour.

She started by translating a Spanish presentation for us explaining the environment of IBM in Guadalajara and a little bit about the company. She explained that the IBM in Guadalajara was mostly base in manufacturing and updating servers. They even had their own cloud facility close by.  She explained to us that IBM is working to provide a simpler planet. This means that through complex and even simple solutions, they were trying to provide an easier lifestyle, or one that would allow many new innovations. She provided us with a cool example. One of her co-workers who found himself consistently late when the weather was bad, even though he got up at the same time and got ready at the same pace had created a great alarm clock. This alarm clock was connected with his computer and the weather. Once the computer found that it was going to be bad weather (raining, snowing, etc…) his alarm clock would automatically set his alarm for a half hour earlier than usual, thus helping him get to work on time and efficiently. After explaining this she unfortunately had to leave but we were joined by another co-worker who brought us to see various parts of the campus. Unfortunately we were only allowed to see one part of the office building, the one that she worked in, because of restrictions. The whole building was wired so that if you did not have an access card and someone entered the office without one, an alarm would sound. In her office we were told a little bit about what was type of work was done. We learned a bit about product testing from one of her friends, learning that they worked by components and each component took about 2 weeks to properly test. We were then shown a few other parts of the campus but were seemingly rushed out of the campus. We were their first foreign group to visit the facility and I don’t think they were well equipped to handle our needs at the present time.

We were then brought back to our hotel and let free to do as we please as long as we were packed and ready to go by 3:30 am. A few of the guys and I decided we wanted to be ready for the long haul from Guadalajara to Syracuse and then onward to our respective homes. First we set out to get some lunch at the nearby shopping mall/Wal-mart complex. Once fed we decided to stop into one of the lovely massage parlors that we had seen about Guadalajara. The massages were great and cheap and the women performing them were absolutely gorgeous.  Once we were loosened up we decided to get a little rest before our trip back home. Overall a great day and an exciting adventure in Mexico!


  1. Omar Lazaro

    One interesting fact I did not know about IBM was that they are currently the leading global patent holder. This just goes to show that how innovative they are as a company. IBM is definitely a company to watch closely in the upcoming future.

  2. Charlene

    IBM was an amazing administrative tour. The facility was very large and very impressive. Our guide informed us that they do not look for particular majors or degrees, they look for particular people that will be part of the team. Once they have the expertise or raw talent, they provide training. I think this is an excellent methodology. The facility was interesting as it was built in the form of a motherboard….GO WATSON!!!!!! Charlene Marisol

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