On January 6th, we entered HP GBS (Global Business Services) Guadalajara, Mexico and it proved to be a great experience. HP GBS currently has 18,000 employees in several different locations such as Guadalajara, San Jose, Pontiac, Cordoba, Wroclaw, Bucharest, Beijing, Bangalore, and others. The Global Business Services strives to deliver value, efficiency, bringing solutions to customers and deals with almost every single administrative department within HP.

During the presentation we learned that the Global Business Service group has a four step operational impact method which focuses on the ability to: Operate, Manage, Own, and Transform. Another strategy they used in HP GBS group is the five D´s of design: Define, Discover, Design, Develop, and Deliver. HP also developed War Room´s which are rooms where ¨Out of the box, ¨ thinking occurs that can help develop the aforementioned strategies even further.

Overall, the presentation and tour of HP facilities were both excellent. In the tour, we  got a glimpse of the culture of HP. An interesting part of the culture at HP was that employees are allowed to do whatever they would like within the day as long as they achieved their objectives. When the tour was over I gained the impression that HP would be a great company to work for. After this positive experience, I look forward to applying to HP in hopes of obtaining a summer internship in Guadalajara, Mexico.


  1. CU blog

    Overall, I think I benefited the most from the HP visit. The tour guide really tried to emphasize the idea of new thinking. Kind of playing on Einstein’s view of insanity, it’s impossible to solve anything if you come at it with the same approach that you always have. This isn’t a new idea, but it was interesting to see a company who really valued such an important aspect doing innovative business.

  2. Charlene

    I really enjoyed the tour and information session while at HP. Our guide was able to provide a great deal of information on the GBS program and it was very impressive. Services are divided up an d preformed in silos of expertise (eg payroll for the entire company in one location, ordering in another, etc…). In addition, I think the war room concept was particularly interesting allowing idea generation and team work. I agree with RJ & Omar, joining this team would be an outstanding opportunity. Charlene Marisol

  3. CU blog

    I have to say that HP was my favorite company that we visited this trip. I really enjoyed the company culture and their attitude toward conducting business. The fact that they encourage innovation and non convention thinking to conduct their problem solving caught my attention. I enjoyed the layout of their building with all the various meeting rooms for team based projects and how the work was mapped out visually on the walls of each room. The rooms also had famous quotes or quotes from famous persons hung about to help provoke different ways of thinking when problem solving. The fact that there was a gym right in the office along with a room with beanbag chairs and legos suggest that the company values employee physical and emotion wellness along with accomplishing their business objectives. Like Omar said, I could definitely see myself working at a company like this in the near future. ~RJ

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