Air Mexico/ New Year’s Eve Party

As we boarded the EBM-145 Air Mexico aircraft to Guadalajara we were all hoping for better weather, new experiences and of course New Year’s that was only hours away. The plane itself was very well maintained and clean. There were 19 rows of 3 seats, which I have actually never seen before. The overhead compartments were also on only the right side of the plane. The plane was indeed a very small one and anyone over 5’8” would have to duck to walk in it. The flight was only an hour and twenty minutes from Monterrey to Guadalajara. I was shocked when I was asked to remove my headphones and shut off my phone for take off. All other airlines I have travelled with don’t mind music if you’re phone was on airplane mode. This to me was an extra precaution, maybe unnecessary, but definitely showing the care of the airline for the success of a safe flight. Take off had some of the most stunning views of the mountains that Monterrey was surrounding. The flight was calm and quick, nothing too out of the ordinary except for the snack that was served, cracker peanuts. I tried them merely out of curiosity only to discover that I was by no means a fan. Landing was smooth and taxi was quick, which is nice because there’s nothing like the feeling of impatience after a flight. I have never seen the gate open so quickly and the baggage delivered at such a conveniently fast pace. Overall impressions of Air Mexico were favorable. The business provided safe and convenient service. As we had hoped Guadalajara greeted us with warm weather and a lovely serenade of “Besame Mucho” by and old senor with a guitar.

After a few hours of getting “spiffied up” we all boarded the Connexus vans to head over to the club we had made reservations with. We arrived at 10:30 after being told that it would be hard to get in after 11. To our surprise we were the first people there. We initially thought it was going to be a bust but were reassured that it would pick up in an hour or so. As mexican culture lies heavily within the premise of family a lot of people usually celebrate at home until new year’s and then head out to have fun with friends. Around 11:30 the place started filling up. Our DJ was actually very well known and the music selections for the night were great. He put together mixes of new house music as well as playing some “oldies but goodies” which put nothing but smiles and excitement into the crowd. On the stroke of midnight New Years had finally come, as well as the grapes. Apparently in Mexico it is tradition to eat a grape at every stroke for 12 months of good luck. By the time we understood why we were supposed to eat the grapes, language barrier being the culprit, most of us got a maximum of 3 months. After midnight dancing commenced as well as making new friends and learning just how it’s done in Mexico. It was a fantastic night I think this group will remember for a long time!

Valeria Zhukova (student)


  1. CU blog

    I couldn’t believe how long it took people to get “out” on New Year’s Eve. The family aspect of their culture is an interesting point, one that I hadn’t thought of while we were out. From what we learned in class, and observed throughout the trip though, this makes sense. Definitely gives me a new perspective on the New Year’s celebrations to follow.

  2. CU blog

    I agree with Val about the airplane….hope you aren’t claustrophobic or else Mexican planes aren’t your top choice. Being 6’2”, I lost track of how many times I hit my head in the first ten minutes. Also found it convenient that although take off directions were announced in Spanish, they also repeated the directions again in English. Good thing or else most of us would have no idea what was going on.

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