Vision Green Supply Chain Series is coming to an end

Vision TQM Meeting

Vision TQM Meeting

It has been a while since the last blog entry, so let me bring you up to speed. Since our Vision “Carbon Footprint” in Izmir which was organized by the local Project Leader Merve Alperen we have had five more seminars:

  • Vision Iberian Roadtrip – Back to the roots in Porto, Lisbon and Seville, Portugal and Spain
  • Vision Maritime Logistics: Window to Europe in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Vision “Reduce.Reuse.Recycle” in Ilmenau and Dresden, Germany
  • Vision “Resource Revolution” in Calabria, Italy
  • Vision Final Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia

While all of those seminars have been unique and a great success that also meant that we were finishing the second half of our series. Let me state some highlights of these seminars:

  • The Iberian Roadtrip was a 14 days lasting seminar. It included contacts to well known companies such as DHL and Airbus. The concept followed the idea of introducing the different steps of a supply chain throughout the event.
  • In St. Petersburg we had one full day of workshops and lectures by our Central partner STILL and were able to visit the harbor in St. Petersburg,
  • In Ilmenau and Dresden we learned all about the afterlife of a product and the participants were able to visit also a chocolate factory.
  • Calabria organized such a big ESTIEM event for the first time and they did an outstanding job. In the end, we ESTIEMers were able to spread the ESTIEM spirit there even further and the organizers did a tremendous job organizing this event.
  • Last but not least we had the Final Conference in Novi Sad and it was an amazing ending point for this series with even having David Brandstädter as a former Vision Project Leader as a guest who spoke about his experiences. Next to a visit to the local government, participants were able to learn about the history of the Vision Project.

Those facts cover only very lightly all of the experiences people made throughout these seminars and I could probably extent this a lot more. In the end what makes my team and me the most proud was that we were able to teach and give information to almost 250 students across Europe about the topic Green Supply Chain. We had the opportunity to work with 13 Project Leaders and Student Groups in 10 different countries and that in my opinion remains one of the most unique aspects of not only this project, but also our ESTIEM network. On a personal note this experience probably taught me the most in my university life about myself, teamwork and helped me to develop my personality. In the end, I hope that some of those aspects were also coming true for my Central team, the local organizers and the participants.

Now with my leadership ending I had one more highlight to experience. In October my former ESTIEM Board Responsible Marc Hedler and I were invited to join the Reunion Meeting of the Vision Total Quality Management which was the first Vision series 20 years ago.

This series started with seminars across Europe and finished with a study tour starting in Taiwan, Japan and the USA. 13 out of the 39 participants of this study tour met up in Hamburg. Listening to their experiences and seeing how their lives have turned out after their Vision experience makes you wonder how your life will be in 20 years. I am thankful for this wonderful experience not only with the meeting in Hamburg, but this whole Project Leadership. Not only do I hope for a Reunion meeting myself in 20 years, but also for many more years for the Vision Project.

On this note I want to close the circle and come back to one of my first sentences that I wrote. Merve Alperen which I already mentioned, stepped up and became the Project Leader for the next Vision series – Vision Customer Relationship Management – which starts this November. This is also the point were I not only hand over the project, but also this blog to Merve and I am sure that she will do a great job. On my final words I would like to thank IIE to give us this opportunity to publish about our Vision Project and also to Marc Hedler for establishing the contact. I hope this cooperation will continue for much longer and I am sure that the Vision Project will keep on surprising us in the future. As we always say: You NEED Vision to see!

Torben Schäfer

Vision Project Leader Green Supply Chain