ESTIEM Vision Izmir – “Carbon Footprint”

The Vision seminar “Carbon Footprint” started on the 12th of February at the Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir. It was the first event I attended in Turkey, so I was really excited. It all started when all the participants arrived at the dormitories to have dinner. After the meal we were ready to get to know each other and feel some ESTIEM spirit. First the Vision Project and ESTIEM presentation followed by some great teambuilding games. The night wouldn’t finish before having some great time drinking Turkish tea.

The first day of academic content started with a company visit to the Bosch Thermal Technology Plant in Manisa, near Izmir. The corporate representative first talked about the general figures of Bosch and the plant in particular. Then he moved on to the presentation about the carbon footprint of the factory. He explained to us what the main actions taken were in order to reduce their carbon emissions, which were mainly about reusing the heat contained in the exhaust gases, thus saving power. We were able to see all these applications during the company tour. After lunch we went to the university to get an overall look into Green Supply Chain with the lecture from Professor Mehmet Ali Ilgin. He showed how inverting the supply chain can help us find a way to make it greener. This concept is called reverse logistics and consists on reusing, repairing, remanufacturing and recycling.

On Thursday morning we went to a Coca-Cola Company plant, where we learnt how the extract turns into the liquid that most of us love to drink. Although nobody gave us the secret recipe, we got an insight of what this plant has managed to do to reduce its Carbon emissions. There are 6 different bottling lines, which are constantly optimized individually. By doing this they managed to reduce the energy spent on each line. This plant is one of Turkey’s most innovative plants in terms of reducing the carbon footprint. The second lecture by Professor Serdar Tasan showed us the approaches of the Carbon Footprint. After the lecture we had to solve a case study developed by the Social and Environment Responsibility Initiative (SERI) of ESTIEM. Since it was Valentine’s Day there was a surprise reserved for us at a local bar. All the participants had to wear a mask during a speed date session in which the organizing team also participated in.

The last academic day began with a company visit to one of the biggest plants in the Manisa industrial area, VESTEL. It is a Turkish company specialized in home and professional appliances.

The day continued with a lecture by Professor Aysegül Pala, who is the manager of the Center for Environmental Research and Development at Dokuz Eylul University. During the lecture she mentioned and explained a lot of important aspects like: Global warming, Kyoto Agreement, Carbon Footprint Calculation etc. It was already Saturday and we still haven’t had a chance to visit the beautiful city of Izmir. However, the city tour did not start before we had the reflection session, in which the participants summarised everything they had learned in the last three days. The sightseeing in the city that is a candidate of the 2020 World Expo ended with a relaxing time in a typical Turkish coffee shop, where we had the chance taste both Turkish Coffee and Turkish Delights, as well as the popular water pipe or “Nargile” as they call it. Afterwards the glamorous Gala-Dinner was waiting for us, followed by a great party in a fancy club.

On the last day of the event we went to a little town near Izmir, where we had the opportunity to go to a small wine producer and taste some typical fruit wine. Afterwards we went to visit the beautiful town called Sirince. The event would not finish before the popular International Night, where we could taste typical food and drinks from the participants’ different countries of origin.

After almost a week in Turkey I can say that I had a really great time there and met a lot of amazing people, who I will definitely miss! I hope I see all of them soon somewhere in Europe.

In high ESTIEM,

Diogo Gomes

(LG Porto)

Vision Izmir - "Carbon Footprint"