ESTIEM Vision Linköping & Stockholm – ‘Green City Logistics’

By Merve Alperen (LG Izmir-DEU) & Gizem Ozcelik (LG Istanbul-Bogazici)

On Tuesday, the 29th of January Vision Linköping & Stockholm officially started. All the participants met at the university building of Linköping. After the welcome session, some presentations, which were about ESTIEM and Vision, were presented by Torben, the Vision buddies and Jonas Enlund (Vice President of Education). Already in the first night, the first lecture was held by Maria Huge-Brodin. She introduced us to “Green City Logistics.” After that, we went to a pub in order to get to know each other better.

The following day we had 2 lectures and 1 simulation game. The first lecture was given by the CEO of ENVAC, Christer Öjdemark. Mostly we learnt about waste management and what kind of infrastructure Linköping has about managing waste of the city. At the second lecture, we had some information about innovation. The Co-founder of Whitelines Company gave some information about the innovative studies of Whitelines. After that we went to climbing activity with all participants and had a lot of fun there. After the climbing activity, the simulation game, which had been organized by Christina Maack, started. In this game, participants had the opportunity about implementing their knowledge into real case, which was about the bullwhip effect in supply chains. The beer game also improved teambuilding in the event and communication skills between the participants. After we finished the academic part of the event, we went to the sauna to get some relaxing time after a long day.

In the morning of the third day of the event we had 2 lectures. The first lecture was about the transportation in Norrkoping and the studies of the municipality. Professor Sara Gustaffson gave information about what the municipality can do to improve the transport system in Norrkoping. In the following hours we continued to learn about city logistics with Professor Stefan Engevall. We discussed who can be the stakeholders of city logistics and what can be the potential benefits. The Linköping part of event was fully integrated with academic sessions, so we continued the day with a company visit to Svensk Biogas. All of us were impressed by the processes taking place to generate biogas from domestic wastes. The day continued with a teambuilding activity and we were divided into some groups in order to cook and have dinner together.

The next morning we had the chance to do some sightseeing in Linköping. After we had a quick tour, we were ready to go to Stockholm. Right after arriving in Stockholm we went to KTH to eat some traditional Swedish food and had an international night.

On the last day of the event, in the morning we started to visit the most famous touristic places in Stockholm. After having cold and fresh air in our lungs, we all were ready for the reflection and academic outcome session, where we filled academic forms, feedback forms and shared our impressions about the event. After that we had a fancy gala dinner at KTH and the whole event was finishing off with an awesome party.

Thanks to the Vision event, we had a chance to not only improve our academic career but also ourselves.

“You need Vision to see.”

In high ESTIEM!