VISION Vienna and Graz – Responsibility of Generations


Vision Vienna & Graz officially started on Monday, 10th of December. First, we had a welcome session, where we heard something about LG Vienna, about central ESTIEM and about Vision. We introduced ourselves to each other and heard what we will do during the event. After that, there was an International night at faculty. Everyone brought something from their own country, and we got the chance to try some national food and drinks from all around the Europe.

On Tuesday, first we had a lecture held by Daniel Palm – “Sustainable Green Logistics.” He introduced us to logistics, sustainability and supply chains. He also gave us examples of nowadays mistakes that companies did, and also how we can act to make environment more sustainable.

After that, we got introduced to PROST Business simulation game by Ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Kurt Matyas. He explained to us what our job during business game is.

Next was the first workshop, A New Era of Sustainability by Alexander Holst. We learned that there are three main areas where we can be sustainable: environment, economy and social aspect. The most important thing is to put them in balance. Later on, we watched movie “We feed the world”, which told us about how all kind of food is produced all over the world. Tuesday was “Veggie day,” so for the whole day we ate Vegans food, which was a great experience.

In the end of the evening we learned how to dance traditional Viennese waltz, and also got the chance to know a little more about the other participants.

Wednesday was reserved for big business simulation game – PROST. In groups of 3-4 people we had to simulate a factory. We had to plane the whole producing process, plane and order material, bid for them on the market, and produce and assemble demanded products. The challenge was that we had to do everything together, to overcome all the disagreements between us, and work as a real team.

On Thursday, on our way to Graz, the first stop was KWB company, which produces boilers for heating. They introduced us to their company, told us about biomass that they are using and explained to us their way to be sustainable. As we continued our way to Graz, we stopped at Zotter Chocolate factory, for a tour. First we watched a movie about chocolate, how it is produced, and then we had a chance to try as many as different kinds of chocolate as we want.

There were two lectures in Graz for us. First was Eco world, held by Sabine Seiler, project manager in company Eco World Styria. She told us how they recycle things in order to use raw materials efficiently, and reduce the amount of usage of the raw materials. The name of the last lecture was How to Measure the Sustainability Performance and it was held by Sabine Hanusch, Professor at FH JOANNEUM (University of Applied Sciences). The lecture was based on focus on the definition, implementation process of “green” and potentials for measuring the sustainability performance. She also showed us an actual case study, as evidence of this issue.

That was the end of academic part of this Vision. We had a city tour of Graz, and some free time to explore this city by ourselves. After a two hour bus ride back to Vienna, we went to a club and had great time until late at night.

Saturday was the time for resting and reflecting on the last couple of great days. First we had reflecting and academic outcome session, where we filled academic forms, feedback forms and shared our impressions about the event. Than we had a city tour of Vienna, and also some free time to walk around the city. After that we had a fancy gala dinner and the whole event was finishing with an awesome party at Bettelalm (if you want to see how Germans are really celebrating, go there). We had a chance to say goodbye to all of our new friends that we met during the week and got to go back home with many great memories and experiences.

In high ESTIEM,

Lada Petrovic

Local Group Belgrade