IIE Supporting Advancement of Young Engineers

Vanda Ametlli, IIE Great Lakes Region Vice President, Henry Ford Health System

A blog post alone can be devoted to the numerous reasons that you need to be an
IIE member and volunteer within the IIE community. One of the reasons that I
am a member of 6 years and proud to see IIE grow in the past 2 years has been its
work in supporting the professional growth of “young engineers”. Through the
work of IIE Board of Trustees and leadership of Natalie Keller & Patrick Foxworthy
a community within IIE was born, “The Young Professionals (YP)”, with a mission
to “strengthen the connection between young professionals and IIE to develop
opportunities that would be of interest to young professionals such as career
networking, professional development and job opportunities”.

While IIE National Headquarters has been instrumental in supporting operational
and strategic matters within the YP group, it is their commitment to give the
YP group and its member a “voice”, that has shown the interest that IIE puts in
developing it’s members.

IIE has given the YP group members a voice by leveraging the “Emerging
Technologies” column in the monthly publication of Industrial Engineer magazine,
where IIE YP members have been responsible for writing a two-product review of
Emerging Technologies in the field. This opportunity goes beyond have an item
on your resume, there is a “nerd glamour” associated with being published in an
internationally read magazine.

Emerging Technologies – Young Professionals – See their work!

What’s on your Holiday Wish List (Many YPs featured!)


Patrick Foxworthy “Making thingies and conveying measurements”


Dana Wexler “Perfecting get-set-go”


Dana Wexler “Software to simplify”


Dana Wexler “App tools and tools for apps”


Fernando Lamelas “Cool cuts and bending fabrication”


Zach Fairman “Tracking more efficient healthcare”


Zach Fairman “Mobile, rugged and unfrozen”


Alexander Bohn “Ergo, healthier employees”


David Rossi “Smoother facility operations”


David Rossi From here to eternity


Drew Harnish “Attention arms and wrists”


Drew Harnish “Innovative tools of the trade”


Vanda Ametlli “Better for the Brain”


Hunter Burney “Liquefied savings and efficiency”

Work Perfect – The Day We Strive For– Young Professionals Leaders

Patrick Foxworthy – http://www.iienet2.org/IEMagazine/Details2.aspx?id=29218

Alexander Bohn – http://www.iienet2.org/IEMagazine/Details.aspx?id=33092

“Getting Into The Game” – http://www.iienet2.org/IEMagazine/Details2.aspx?id=29218

It’s impressive to see all these young engineers that have had the opportunity to
write for the IE magazine in the past 2 years and to know this is only the beginning
of what an organization like IIE can do for its members. There are not many
professional organizations that can give young college graduates such an exciting
opportunity. IIE truly believes in the supporting the next generation of innovators.
Thank you to Michael Hughes, IIE Magazine Managing Editor and Monica Elliott, IIE
Director of Communications for giving young professionals a voice.

To find out more about the Young Professional group and get connected in their
social media – visit http://www.iienet2.org/Landing.aspx?id=25464

Keep up the great work!

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