Vision Hamburg 2012

By Silvia Picazo Barragán
LG. Eindhoven

There may be some questions about what is it like to be part of a Vision event: Is it interesting? Is it fun? Are you actually learning something and of course, what makes it different from other events? As the slogan says, you need Vision to see what this project is about, but I hope this review of the Vision Hamburg should encourage people to join and get the doses vision each of us need.

Vision Hamburg took place from 23-28 October 2012. The first day all the participants were introduced to ESTIEM and Vision, clarifying the objectives and expectations of the event and providing an insight of the upcoming ones.

Vision Hamburg 2012 participants

Several participants who attended Vision Hamburg 2012 enjoying an evening gathering.

Wednesday, Oct. 24 was the first day of “academic activities,” when we were introduced into the world of STILL. We had the chance to visit their ARENA and learn about how their facilities are operating. At the facilities of STILL, we received a lecture about Green Supply Chain by Mr. Brockhaus. He explained us the context of green supply, concept of sustainability, the main pitfalls concerning this topic and pointed out the aspects that are usually forgotten when a company attempts to do sustainable improvements.

Then the people from STILL introduced us to their world, we got a tour around the company were all the processes were explained. For me it was unforeseen the way they are innovating the industry of forklift trucks. In the afternoon we took part in challenging workshops that let us to understand the problems which the marketing department has to deal with every day. The day finished with a deserved relaxing time at a cozy old movie theater located on the Jungfernstieg.

The following day we had the second part of the workshop series at STILL. They explained us the way marketing strategies were done, how they approach their target market and which innovative products they were planning to launch in the next periods. After that, we were divided into small groups and asked to create a marketing strategy for a STILL product. Later, each group presented its idea to the representatives of STILL and the rest of the ESTIEMers. This activity provided us with the chance to learn about the etiquette that should be followed in a presentation of this kind, when a proposal is presented to a company representative (CEO) and also the content of our ideas were analyzed and each team received valuable feedback. 

After that session, we had lunch with the representatives of STILL and then we headed to a scheduled lecture about HHLA leaded by Dr. Marco from INFORM GmbH. He provided us with technical insights about the way the terminal is operated and how IT is being used to improve the logistics processes from a sustainable perspective.

Finally, we closed the day in a wonderful way with a fancy Gala Dinner at STILL and a live band performance.

On Friday we woke up early to catch the bus that drove us to Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) terminal. There, we attended a lecture held by the sustainability responsible of the organization, Mr. Pietsch, who explained the approaches that have been taken by the company in order to improve the sustainability of the Port of Hamburg. Right after the lecture we had a guided bus-tour around the harbour where we watched the container flow operating in real life. This was the last academic activity and afterwards the ‘Astra-Switch’ was introduced to us, which basically meant: the beginning of the nonacademic part of the Vision event.

I can say that after this event I got a different Vision, which allows me to perceive differently, not just my study field (Supply Chain Management), but also the way companies are working. That is why, I will strongly invite everyone to join this project and understand why “you need Vision to see.”

ESTIEM Leadership

Appearing in this photo: ESTIEM President Xavier Azcue, Vice President of Education Marc Hedler, Vision Project Leader Torben Schäfer, Local Project Leader Björn Grünke, INFORM GmbH Dr. Marko, and STILL GmbH representatives.

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    Great post!!Way to go to the ESTIEM and Vision members for your hard work in continuously seeking to learn about all the areas industrial/management engineers contribute in and spreading that knowledge across the world!

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