Halloween Trends


Vanda Ametlli, IIE Great Lakes Region Vice President/ Henry Ford Health System

I like to think that I apply my systems thinking to a lot of areas in my life but when my coworkers mentioned if I have tracked the number of kids and amount of candy my family has purchased over the years, I mentioned that I am not that “crazy”.  For the fun of it, I thought I would try to track arrival versus number of visitors at a setting. While, there’s nothing fascinating to report on this data, it made me think that some of the topics around Halloween are easily related to some of the challenges that Industrial Engineers-Young Professionals face.

Uncertainty – seems to be a standard for every industry IEs might work. Always continue to challenge yourself but also utilize your network to determine personal areas that require growth. It is how we use our toolkit to be influencer that makes the great impact and gives IEs value into an organization.  If you work towards that, there will be nothing uncertain about your career path

Standing Out – my next-door neighbors are known for their big Halloween party and many kids and their parents gravitate to the smell of burgers and hot dogs and overlook my house. What are you doing to stand out? Standing out goes behind the workplace.  It’s more than a one-time appearance at a Halloween party. It’s how you’re contributing the community and profession. 

Variety – Halloween candy is fun because of the variety that accompanies it. It’s not just YPs that need variety to show value in the workplace, everyone is working towards diversifying the skill set they can bring.   Variety is good but similar to candy it’s the quality of that variety that matters. Evaluate and discuss the benefits of would receiving a certification mean to you? And how you can spread that knowledge. A lot of YPs get pressured into having that variety and list of accomplishments and it’s forgotten that it’s the quality that’s going to make the difference.

Uniqueness – I enjoy participating in Halloween festivities to take in all the uniqueness that comes along with it.  It is refreshing to see the effort that goes into costumes and decorations.  Many of my YP friends have started settling into a job with the presumption that it is their uniqueness that needs to shine. The “real world” very fast stops being about “you” and begins with how can a team shine under your guidance.  If you can make your team look good, that’s when you’ve done a great job of bringing all that uniqueness to produce extraordinary results.

Maybe, I over thought my Halloween task of passing out candy but as you can see in the graph, I had time in between. Plus, who knew all the similarities that existed between Halloween and challenges that I.E.  YPs face. 


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