ESTIEM begins 20th year of the Vision project

By Diogo Gomes, Marc Hedler and Torben SchäferVision Green Supply Chain 20 Years

ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) is a student organisation that gathers more than 50,000 students of IEM from 68 different universities in 26 European countries. ESTIEM provides its members the opportunity to visit a variety of different events all over Europe, in which they have the chance to attend lectures, workshops, company visits and cultural activities.

One of the oldest projects of ESTIEM is the Vision project, a pan European series of seminars, which focus on a specific topic being linked to the profession of being an IEM student. The Vision project has been organized since 1993. In the early day of the Vision project, 20 years ago, the initial topic was “Best Practices in Total Quality Management” Back then a group of European students got together and organized a study tour for several weeks, starting in Europe being followed by stop-overs in the USA, China and Japan. In every country the students visited various companies and researched about the chosen topic. Nowadays the project grew up and focuses only on the European continent, however it kept its unique character of a study tour.

Vision Team in Berlin

A group photo of the Vision Team in Berlin.

The goal is to give the students more knowledge about a specific topic and the skills to deal with the underlying difficulties. The topics covered can be as different as “Leadership through Engagement,” “Crisis and Change Management” or this year’s topic “Green Supply Chain.”

In a world where the preservation of the environment is getting more important, the efficiency of the supply chain is no longer only be defined by the monetary expenses. The “green factor” is a new requirement in every company and being resource-efficient is almost an obligation in the industry world. Learning, researching and finding solutions dealing with this topic will be the goal of the seminar series.

An intact eco system is the basis of life – for upcoming and current generations of the human kind.

In order to give our series a more practical, industry oriented approach, we acquired STILL as a central partner of the Vision project.

For the Hamburg based STILL GmbH, the leading supplier for customised internal logistics solutions worldwide, it is a matter of natural cause to use the resources of nature as carefully as possible. The name STILL stands for ecologic responsibility based on technical progress, offering its customers a product portfolio that sets the standards for energy efficiency.

These are the Vision seminars that will take place this year:

Event Dates Subtopic
Hamburg 23.10.12 – 28.10.12 Have you met … Green Supply Chain?
Vienna & Graz 10.12.12 – 16.12.12 Responsibility of Generations
Linköping & Stockholm 29.01.13 – 03.02.12 Green City Logistics
Helsinki & Tampere 04.02.13 – 10.02.13 Sustainable Freight Transport
Izmir-DEU 12.02.13 – 16.02.13 Carbon Footprint
Porto-Lisbon-Seville 17.03.13 – 28.03.13 Iberian Roadtrip – Back to the Roots
St. Petersburg 01.04.13 – 07.04.13 Window to Europe: Maritime Logistics
Ilmenau & Dresden 14.04.13 – 20.04.13 Reduce.Reuse.Recycle
Calabria 12.05.13 – 18.05.13 Resource Revolution
Final Conference – Novi Sad 28.05.13 – 02.06.13 Final Conference

In order to coordinate and give the local organisers the tools to successfully set up an excellent seminar, all the Vision organisers gathered together with the Vision central team in Berlin from Sept. 19-23. There they had workshops and trainings on project management, media relations and fundraising in which they acquired the necessary skills to start working on their seminar. The different approaches and experiences shared by the organisers were enriching and through the exchange of different perspectives they were able to find themselves prepared for this challenge at the end of the event.

The first seminar of the series took place in Hamburg from Oct. 23-28. There the participants had the opportunity to visit STILL’s headquarters, where they attended different kind of workshops.

More detailed information about this seminar will come in the next few weeks, so stay tuned while we discover the secrets of green supply chain!