Is Your IT Agnostic?

Windows versus iOS versus Linux. Android versus Apple. Blackberry versus iPhone. The old advice not to discuss religion and politics at work due to the decisiveness has not yet filtered down to the deep defense of true believers of a wide array of technologies and software. Is your IT agnostic? Agnostic information technology or agnostic IT is a new term for cross-platform compatibility, while the concept of platform has continued to expand into new types of OS and devices.

Device agnostic software or apps run on any application, whether it is a smart phone, PC or mainframe. Device agnostic software is an ideal for application developers since it means anyone anywhere can use the application. The same user who runs the application on their desk PC or their smart phone is more likely to pay for their license than the user who has to run several different apps on different devices.

Operating System (OS) agnostic means that it runs regardless of the operating system on the device. Full OS or lean OS for a smart device, iOS or Windows, freeware like Linux or Sun OS, OS agnostic software applications run on any of them. OS agnostic applications are an ideal in a diverse marketplace, since it broadens the potential customer market. Truly OS agnostic software is also universal since it runs on anything, even as the OS updates or evolves.

If we can create truly device and OS agnostic software applications, we can have faith that our applications will run anywhere and on anything. And that would create a beautiful, peaceful IT world.