Insights from the 2012 Annual Conference

-Emblazoned polos are the new suit & tie for student chapters.

-“conference” has become (or always was?) a proper noun (i.e. “I am so excited for conference!”, “he is presenting his research at conference next year”)

-My goal before Puerto Rico in 2013 is to find myself a real mentor, one with whom I can share my fears, aspirations and flaws.

-No matter how much I convince myself that I will be better at networking than I was last year, I still have trouble approaching people out of the blue.

-It is tough to ride the line between attending great presentations indoors all afternoon, and just hopping the shuttle to Downtown Disney (or into the lazy river!).

-Sleep is an inefficiency, so YPs reduce or eliminate it completely with so many other awesome things to experience “at conference”.

-Watching guests ride Epcot’s “Soarin'” from behind the massive transparent screen is more awe inspiring than the ride itself, which is an accomplishment.

-Literally not being able to give away prizes advertised on the blog and Twitter is a hard way to learn that your social networking initiative needs more work than you thought.

-Just when I think I have gleaned everything there is to gain from the conference, something happens that reminds me that I have only scratched the surface.