Modern Proverbs for IT

Proverbs are small encapsulations of wisdom that are passed down over time. I’ve adapted some of these classic proverbs for use in the IT realm.
* Avoid immoral websites at work, since all the outcomes of using them are bad.
* Do not make promises that others must be deliver upon, and do not pledge your resources for the project of another.
* Avoid taking on debt, whether financial or technical.
* Don’t covet the latest and greatest technology. Be happy with what you have if it meets your needs. Only upgrade as necessary to remain productive.
* Teach users to follow proper practices when they are new so that they can follow them throughout their careers.
* Enforce policies to keep users from straying from proper practices.
* Wise people practice knowledge capture.
* A secure IT architecture is invaluable, and worth far more than a beautiful but insecure one.
* Promote honest error reporting with forgiveness so that people do not lie and cheat to hide mistakes.
* Bragging online risks security leaks.
* Permitting gossip on social networks and emails destroys trust and productivity.
* Those paid an incentive for performance work harder to earn their keep.
* The prudent continue to learn over time.
* There is safety in multiple professional opinions and consultations.
* A budget isn’t evil, but a love of managing minutiae can lead to bad business practices.

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