There’s a First Time for Everything

By: Holly Mellinger

Because I worked two jobs in college, I was unable to be as involved in IIE as I would have liked, and never attended a regional conference.

That all changed last weekend. I went to the Great Lakes Regional Conference hosted by The Ohio State
University, my alum. I attended the conference as a professional, and the President of the local IIE
Chapter in Columbus. I was totally taken aback by the passion and enthusiasm both the professional
speakers and students emitted. The reason why I chose Industrial Engineering for my major was
reconfirmed, and my energy for IIE and my chapter reignited. Plus, who doesn’t like making new

I also had the opportunity to meet with three Regional Chairs from the Young Professionals committee,
one of them being a former classmate. Finally, I was finding people in IIE like me! I am a young
professional, two years out of college and looking for others to share experiences with. I’m looking
forward to how my involvement in IIE and the Young Professionals enriches my career and my life.

Editor’s Note: Holly is a 2010 graduate of The Ohio State University and is currently employed by American Municipal Power in Columbus, Ohio. She is the current President for the IIE Columbus Chapter, and is also active with the Women in Engineering Program at OSU.  In her free time, Holly enjoys being active outside (cycling, softball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, running), and is currently planning for her upcoming nuptials in June. Thanks for the insight Holly!