We Need Lean IT Standards

Have you ever received a set of requirements that stated your project, processes or software had to meet a specific standard? For example, ISO 27001 is a standard on information security management and ISO 20000 addresses help desk processes for IT users. The next challenge arises when you try to view the standard and the sticker shock kicks in.

What are some solutions to bring greater efficiency and lower cost to engineering standards organizations?
* Standardize standards by reviewing them less often.
* Automate the review of standards using data management software with built in review and approval workflows.
* Simplify standards. Make them less complex in concept and verbiage. Less verbose wording might also help, since simple language reduces the need to issue guidance on what the standards mean.
* Don’t try to issue a standard for everything. Issue far fewer new standards. Use an existing standard with an additional paragraph instead of issuing a new one.
* When there is a gap or conflict between two standards, consider only changing one organization’s standards instead of both organization standards.
How else could we as industrial engineers help reduce the costs associated with the engineering standards development and distribution?