Using demographic question sets with autoresponders


Autoresponders generate emails based on pre-programmed criteria. Using demographic question sets with autoresponders allows automatic responses to be tailored to the respondent. How is this done?

  • Using demographic question sets with autoresponders allows you to ask users where they are from and then give them a reply in their native language. This prevents confusion with regard to instructions and can be used to present billing information in that person’s local currency.
  • Careful use of demographic questions sets in user websites can allow those using autoresponders to screen for bogus website entries and under-age users. Requiring someone to click on a menu button or drop down menu prevents robots from being used to generate spam or false leads. Forcing someone to input their age can reveal whether someone is below the legal age to buy a product or service.
  • Using demographic question sets with autoresponders to help desk tickets can allow you to capture specific system information such as system configuration, operating systems and software version used. This information helps help desk staff identify potential root causes of the issue before they ever contact the user.
  • Demographic questions sets allow you to garner information needed by your marketing efforts. Which user communities are replying to your ads as compared to the demographics to which you are marketing? What are the demographics of those who buy relative to those who inquire for further information? Asking for this information up front during information inquires or order processing avoids the need for marketing staff to request it later in marketing and customer surveys.
  • Using demographic question sets with autoresponders also collects information on those who are having the most problems, whether they are native to specific countries or older users. This information permits companies to then identify potential areas for improvement. Is your product resulting in support requests from a specific nation? The cause may be shipping and handling failures in that region. Are older users having trouble with the product? It may need design tweaks to improve its ease of use.