Reducing Waste in IT Service Oriented Environments

By Tamara Wilhite

  • Make exception processes clearly accessible to the user. Requests for exceptions to project set up requests, changes to access control limits and odd user errors require review by qualified personnel. However, it saves everyone time if users do not contact administrator after administrator in search of the right assistance. Place links to the exception request process on the primary request form to avoid run-arounds.
  • Publish metrics where the team can view them. However, the need to meet desired metrics must be balanced by quality service for the customer. And time spent brow-beating staff on failing to meet metrics is rarely value added.
  • Integrate related processes wherever possible. Upon closure of a help desk ticket, have the help desk software automatically send users the survey instead of requiring a separate transaction. When someone is viewing a report or drawing, include a print option for that view to avoid additional steps for users.
  • One of the difficulties of an internal intranet is the maintenance of websites and links. Include a reporting function on websites or the main home page for quick reporting of areas in need of correction or correct linkage.
  • Standardize roles and access limits and issue those roles in conjunction with the new hire check list and job transition references as indicated by Human Resources.