Possibilian – a religious perspective for scientists

I am not sure if any of you struggle with the industrial engineering focus on evidence and facts versus whatever religion you practice that requires faith.  In mine, G-d intentionally gave us some practices that make no sense just so we would have to do them on faith.  Once you have a rational reason to do something, it is less spiritually meaningful.  But . . . .

I heard David Eagleman talk about this on an NPR interview. He has a very logical mind. So he doesn’t want to accept that there is a supernatural deity just on faith. But his incredible knowledge of the universe tells him that there is a good chance that some plane of existence has a g-d of some kind. So it’s possible. He calls himself a possibilian. It’s kind of like an agnostic, except that he is actively seeking evidence. It’s not his main work. He does astrophysics or some really impressive thing like that. But in his physics, he sees G-d. Or at least the possibility thereof. So he took up a hobby of writing novels that are set in planes of existence very different from our own. And in some of them, there are some kinds of g-d. For example he has one about a hypothetical afterlife. This allows his to experiment in his mind (and in ours) about what the existence of a g-d would mean.